The Witness Commission, among other services, oversees the communication of the church to the community at large, determines outreach programs both locally and globally, and helps plan congregational functions.  The following people serve:

  • Laurale Kreps (chair)
  • Sharon Larrowe
  • Audrey Hahn
  • Megan Bishir
  • Bonnie Haughn
  • Karen Odiorne
  • Kay Gaier
  • ​Laurie Kieffaber-Cornett

Worship Committee

Church Board

In addition, we also have a Clerk (Carol Horn), Treasurer (Stan Miller), Deacon Chair, Moderator (Bob Gross) and Pastor (Kay Gaier)

The Nurture Commission, among other services, oversees the worship schedule and participants, Sunday School and Children's Church advisors, and helps plan youth and congregational functions.  The following people serve:

  • Carol Horn (chair)
  • John Kreps
  • Laurie Kieffaber Cornett
  • Michelle Roudebush
  • Katie Mullet​t

The Stewards Commission, among other services, oversees the maintenance of the building and grounds, usage of the building, and financial matters of the church.  The following people serve:

  • Larry Jamerson (chair)
  • Bethene Gill
  • Karen Odiorne
  • Dave Hahn
  • ​Debbie Mills

The Deacons perform many functions, including help with communion, helping pastor with outcalls and prayer needs, and outreach to the community.   They are:

  • Linda Barkey
  • Jim Finnell
  • Bethene Gill
  • Dennis & Carol Horn
  • Bonnie Haughn
  • John & Laurale Kreps
  • ​Stan Miller
  • Bethene Gill
  • John Kreps
  • Jim Finnell
  • ​Martha Shepler

Memorial Committee

Witness Commission

Stewards Commission

Our church leadership is comprised of three commissions, Nurture, Stewards and Witness.  Each member serves a 3 year term.  It is lead by a Chair (Dennis Horn) and a Vice Chair (Dave Hahn)

Bulletin Board/Worship Center Committee


  • Karen Odiorne
  • ​Megan Bishir

Wabash Church of the Brethren

Continuing the work of Jesus. Peacefully.  Simply.  Together.

Nurture Commission

Ex-officio Board Members

Service Times: 9:30am Sunday School, 10:30 Worship (Sundays)

645 Bond Street Wabash, IN 46992

Call us at +1.260-563-5291